Click  here to enroll or log in to your existing e-STATEMENT account.

Enroll today in e-STATEMENTS to receive your bills on-line. It takes just a few simple steps to sign up. You can sign up for e-STATEMENTS once you have received your water bill. You will need a copy of your paper bill for the information needed during registration.
    • Securely receive your water bill in your designated email inbox. There are no fees to receive e-STATEMENTS. Use the link in the email to access your e-STATEMENT.
    • You can access your bill online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Your e-STATEMENT will be a complete facsimile of the paper bill you currently receive.
    • You are notified of new statements electronically, eliminating delays from standard mail delivery.
    • e-STATEMENTS allows you to reduce paper usage, which is friendlier to the environment.
    • Use My Profile when logged in to change your password, email address or switch back to paper bills.
    • Easily pay the invoice from within e-STATEMENTS using a credit or debit card (a service fee will be charged) or continue to use your current bill pay method.
We encourage you to sign up for free Automatic Bank Draft to pay your bill automatically each month. Save time and eliminate the cost of checks, postage and bill pay service provider fees. click here for the Automatic Bank Draft form.