Leak Reporting

Springdale Water Leak Reporting

Thank you for helping us conserve water, one of our most valuable resources.  We encourage you to report anything that appears to be either a known leak or a suspected water leakage in our system.

To report a known or suspected leak, please answer the following questions so that we may respond properly:

Location of the leak:
Is this leak on your property?
Is this leak inside your home?
Rate the severity of the leak from small to large:
What other information could you provide that would be useful in helping locate and fix the leak?
If we need additional information, may we contact you?
A phone number where we may reach you?
Who should we ask for?

If this is an emergency, please call (479) 751-5751 during the business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday or call (479) 756-3657 during non-business and holiday hours.

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