Payment Options

In addition to traditional payment methods using cash, check, credit or debit cards made at our office,   Springdale Water Utilities also offers the following payment options for your monthly bill:


Automatic Bank Draft You can have your monthly Springdale Water Utilities bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. You will still receive your monthly water bill, as normal, showing the amount due. Instead of mailing a payment every month, your bank will make the payment for you on the due date as shown on your water bill each month. You will benefit from this convenient service by saving money on postage or gas, and save time preparing or delivering your payment. This also eliminates any late payment fees. With automatic bank draft, your water bills are paid on time when you are on vacation or just busy with life’s demands.

Simply print the automatic bank draft authorization , complete, and return to our office with a voided check. It’s that easy!

Frequently asked questions – Bank draft questions

When will the bank draft start?

    • It takes approximately 4 weeks to get your bank draft established. Please continue to pay your bill in  your usual manner until you receive a bill with the notation DO NOT PAY – WILL BE DRAFTED.

Will my final bill be drafted?

    • No, we do not draft the final bill. You will need to make the last payment with another one of our convenient payment methods.

If I move to a new address will my bank draft automatically be set up at the new address?

    • No, please let us know if you want to remain on bank draft. We need a new authorization form to be  completed for each address. Print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit a new authorization. The form has the instructions for submitting.

What do I need to do if I’m changing bank accounts and I am on bank draft?

    • All changes to any bank draft information need to be made in writing. We will need at least a two week notice to get the changes made. Print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit the changes to us. The form has the instructions for submitting. If you have any questions at all about which bank the draft will come out of please call us for clarification at 479-751-5751 Ext. 2228.

What if I am on bank draft and can not give you a two week notice because my bank account was compromised?

  • We can stop your bank draft from being sent to the bank up to three business days before your due date. We will need notice in writing that you want the bank draft stopped. Please call our office for further instructions. When you have your new bank account information, please print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit the new information to us so we can get you set back up on bank draft.



ON LINE or by Phone – Credit Card/Debit Card and Electronic Check Payments

You have the option of paying your water bill online.  Click here to pay with a credit card, debit card or use your bank checking account information via the internet.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Accel, NYCE, Pulse and Star.

You may also pay with a credit card, debit card or with your checking account information by calling toll free 1-866-680-5501.

All you will need is your water account number from your water bill and your credit or debit card or your bank routing number and checking account number. This is a convenient way to pay your bill if you have forgotten to mail your payment on time.  A convenience fee of $1.85 will be charged.

We accept credit and debit cards in the business office, but not at the drive thru.


Online Bank Payments – In addition to paying your bill by bank draft or credit card, you also have the option of paying your bill through your bank’s online payment system. Please contact your bank for their online payment details. We suggest that you verify with your banking institution that your payment will be electronically transferred to Springdale Water to avoid any delays in receiving your payment. Some banks will issue us a paper check thru the mail and it will take additional time for your payment to post to your account. Remember, payments are considered timely only if they are received in our office by the due date, not the date that you initiate payment with your bank.


Night DepositoryFor your convenience, a night depository is available beside our drive-thru window located on the east side of the building when you need to make a payment after business hours, or on the weekend.  Please ensure that your water account# is written on your check, money order or envelope. DO NOT put cash in the night depository.


Checkfree Payment Locations – Walmart now offers utility payment options at most of their locations.  These locations do charge service fees and rates vary by location. Please note that payments made at these walk in locations will not post until 3 business days after your payment is made. If the payments is posted after the due date of the bill, a late fee will be added to your account.