Frequently Asked Questions

What things should not be flushed in the toilet or put down the drain?

To avoid sewer stoppages, please DO NOT flush the following items down your toilet or drains:


These items may stop or damage the sewer pumps and other equipment.

Where is the Springdale Water Utilities business office located?

Our address is 526 Oak Avenue, Springdale Arkansas. Oak Avenue is one block north of the Huntsville Ave. and Thompson St. (71B) intersection. From Hwy 71B, you will turn east onto Oak Avenue. We are located about a tenth of a mile on the left.

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Where do I get information about the City of Springdale?

We have provided a link for our customers to learn more about the City of Springdale.  click here

Do you offer bank draft as a bill paying method?

Yes, we are very happy to set up your water account to be paid automatically from your checking account.  There is no additional charge or fee for this service.  Your bill will be deducted from your bank account on the due date or next business day.  You will never receive a late fee again, while on bank draft.  Please print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit it to us.

Will my final bill be drafted?

No, we do not draft the final bill.  You will need to make the last payment using one of the other payment options.

If I move to a new address will my bank draft automatically be set up at the new address?

No, please let us know if you want to remain on bank draft.  We need a new authorization form to be completed for each address.  Print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit a new authorization.  Instructions are provided for submitting the form to us.

What do I need to do if I’m changing bank accounts and I am on bank draft?

All changes to any bank draft information need to be made in writing.  We will need at least a two week notice to get the changes made.  Print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit the changes to us.  The form has the instructions for submitting.  If you have any questions at all about which bank the draft will come out of, please call us for clarification at 479-751-5751 Ext. 238.

What if I am on bank draft and cannot give you a two week notice because my bank account was compromised?

We can stop your bank draft from being sent to the bank up to three business days before your due date.  We will need notice in writing that you want the bank draft stopped.  Please call our office for further instructions.  When you have your new bank account information, please print out the automatic bank draft authorization form and submit the new information to us so we can get you set back up on bank draft.

When will the automatic bank draft start?

Once we have received your bank draft authorization form, it takes approximately 4 weeks to get your bank draft established.  Please continue to pay your bill in your usual manner until you receive a bill with the notation DO NOT PAY – WILL BE DRAFTED.

How much is the deposit for new service?

The homeowner deposit is $50.00 and a renter deposit is $100.00 for residential and $150.00 for commercial.  Both service types are also charged a non-refundable $20.00 meter service fee at the time a deposit is rendered.