One day without water.... hospitals would close, fire departments would not be able to put out fires, you wouldn't be able to flush your toilet or take a shower....... and no COFFEE

Water Bottles In Landfill

Water Bottles In Landfill Water Bottles In Landfill

Water Conservation

Somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water.  The same water that existed on the earth millions of years ago is still present today.

Water Conservation Water Conservation

Beaver Lake

     Beaver Lake Arkansas        Our drinking water comes from Beaver Lake.   Help keep Beaver Lake clean.

Beaver Lake Beaver Lake

Water Needs

 The daily requirement for sanitation, bathing, and cooking needs, as well as for assuring survival, is about 100 gallons per person.

Water Needs Water Needs

The Water Cycle

Water is part of a deeply interconnected system. What we pour on the ground ends up in our water, and what we spew into the sky ends up in our water.

The Water Cycle The Water Cycle

Bottled water means garbage

Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.  That plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce.

Bottled water means garbage Bottled water means garbage

Bottled water isn’t a good value

Bottled water isn't a good value.  Bottled water sells for about 5 cents an ounce. Most municipal water costs less than 1 cent per gallon.

Bottled water isn’t a good value Bottled water isn't a good value



In the last 30-45 days we have seen uncertainty and we most certainly have had to make adjustments as a community. Due to this uncertainty, it was decided to forego any shut-off procedures until April 30th, however, patrons were responsible for their usage and bill payments during that time.

Springdale Water Utilities will resume normal notice and shut-off of services effective May 1st.

In light of the recent issuance of stimulus checks to many people and the confirmation of unemployment benefits being paid by the state with greatly enhanced Federal cash benefits, we will resume our normal policies regarding payments, fees, and services. Please review your account to see if you may be in arrears. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may call us at 479-751-5751 from 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri. The lobby remains closed until further notice. Click on ‘Pay My Bill’ above for payment options.


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